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School is in Session! {Bozeman Child Photographer}

I had the privilege of taking photos at my son’s preschool a few weeks ago and I’ve never seen a cuter bunch of 3 to 5 year olds!  I’d love to show you all 150+ photos I took, but with great difficulty I pared it down to a more manageable set of my favorites.

IMG_0624 4x6 rs

Bozeman preschool photo session

IMG_0651 4x6 rs
IMG_0653 4x6 rs

IMG_0728 4x6 rs

IMG_0785 4x6 rs
IMG_0771 4x6 rs

IMG_0813 4x6 rs

IMG_0839 4x6 rs

IMG_0844 4x6 rs

IMG_0854 4x6rs

IMG_0863 4x6 rs

IMG_0954 4x6 rs

IMG_0984 4x6 rs
IMG_0972 4x6 rs

IMG_1017 4x6 rs

IMG_2125 4x6 rs
IMG_2126 rs

IMG_2972 4x6 rs
IMG_2953 4x6 rs

IMG_0596 4x6 rs

B5 4x6 rs

H 4 4x6 rs
H6 4x6 rs

A2 4x6 rs

A3 4x6 rs

IMG_1197 4x6 rs
IMG_1216 4x6 rs

IMG_1173 4x6 rs

IMG_1228 4x6 rs

IMG_1242 4x6 rs

IMG_1282 4x6 rs
O 1 4x6 rs

J6 4x6 rs
J5 4x6 rs

IMG_1330 4x6 rs

R4 4x6 rs
IMG_1318 4x6 rs

Q3 4x6 rs

Q2 4x6 rs

“A” may be for “apple” but in this classroom I think “absolutely adorable” is more appropriate!

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Heather - November 18, 2009 - 7:37 am

Wow, I wish my school could hire someone like you to take photos!! You are very very talented, Amy!! Congrats on the gig and all the business it is drumming up!!! Wishing you and your family well!! Miss you all!

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