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19 and a half. . . {Bozeman Baby Photographer}

. . . months.  That’s how old this little guy is.  Confession:  he’s my baby!  And I’m having a hard time because I don’t know that I can really consider him a “baby” anymore.  At 19 1/2 months old, he’s definitely teetering on the edge of “big boy” and if he could speak in complete sentences I’m sure he would tell me that he’s just as much a “big kid” as his big brother.  After all, he wants to do whatever his big brother is doing and puts a great deal of effort into accomplishing that.  But he also pads around the kitchen in footie pajamas, holding his teddy bear, and chanting one-word phrases (like, “cheer-o’s!”) which definitely means there’s some “baby” left in him!

A handsome blue-eyed Bozeman baby smiles for a photo

He’s definitely got a share of “silly”. . .

A Bozeman boy takes a moment to be silly

And sometimes “shy” and “sleepy” (as he told me as he put his head down on the bench). . .

A sleepy baby gives a shy look to the photographer

As much as he wants to be a “big boy,” I’m savoring every last bit of “baby” that I can.  And I know that even when the “baby” is gone, he’ll still have those fabulous long eyelashes. . .

A smiling baby flashes his long eyelashes.

That big, happy grin. . .

A Bozeman boy laughs with a big grin for a photo.

And a smile that will always make his mama’s heart melt!

A Bozeman toddler sits for a portrait.

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