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The Big Brother {Bozeman Child Photographer}

Yesterday, I shared some pictures of my youngest son and today, I’m sharing the object of his complete adoration and idolization:  his big brother.

A blue-eyed 4-year-old smiles for a photograph.

With a 1 1/2-year-old and a 3-year-old in the house, my days are never dull!  There are cars and trucks and trains and books and more cars and laughter and tears and sharing and fighting and jumping and rough-housing and fun and an occasional snuggle.

A Bozeman preschooler smiles for a nice portrait.

Oh, and there’s plenty of “handsomeness” too.  When I found out my second child was going to be a boy, I was happy, but conflicted.  Excited for my older son to have a brother, but a bit disappointed I wouldn’t have a daughter.  My nurse (a mother of 2 boys) said that while she doesn’t have a princess, she gets to be their princess.  Let me tell you, her perspective was exactly right.  I do feel like a lucky princess to have 2 wonderfully handsome princes (and their handsome, princely father) in my life!

A cute look from a Bozeman preschooler.
A sweet smile from a Bozeman boy for a picture.

A Bozeman Boy smiles for an extreme close-up photo.

I got the princess treatment this day when this little prince was surprisingly eager to let me take his picture.  He was even more eager to show off how old he’ll be when his birthday rolls around at the end of January.  Being 4 takes practice, you know!

A Bozeman boy proudly shows off his age by holding up four fingers.

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