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Friday Favorites {Bozeman Photographer}

Time for a few favorites of the week. . . first up, Ginger Beer.  I’ll admit that it’s not really this that’s my favorite, it’s the beverage that it goes into that’s a favorite–the Moscow Mule.  I was introduced to this cocktail at a holiday party back in December and had the impression it was a Montana tradition.  When I googled a recipe, though, the number one hit was on Oprah’s website.  So, I think it’s safe to say that the cocktail has gone mainstream!  A little more googling revealed that it was actually invented in 1941 and became the drink of the 1950′s.  It faded into obscurity for decades, but as evidenced by its appearance on Oprah’s website, I’d say it’s making a comeback.

I spotted a 4-pack of Ginger Beer near the checkout at World Market this week and I just couldn’t resist bringing some home.  I may not have the traditional copper mugs that it’s served in, but I plan on adding some vodka and lime,  enjoying a little Friday night cocktail with my husband!

Ginger Beer

Another favorite of the week is one of the coolest books I’ve ever seen, gifted to my oldest son for his birthday a few months ago.  It’s called Encyclopedia Prehistorica:  Dinosaur.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica

Dinosaurs rival trucks and trains for popularity in our household, and as such, we have quite a few books on all three of those topics.  This book, however, is like none I have ever seen.  When you open the first page you are surprised and delighted with dinosaurs come to life!  They are brightly colored and intricately detailed and just plain amazing.

Pop-up Triceratops

From the T-Rex that jumps right out to take a bite. . .

Pop up T-Rex

to the archaeopteryx about to fly off the page. . .

it has both me and my sons mesmerized.  I just have to be sure to keep my almost-2-year-old closely supervised when reading it!

So, enjoy a cocktail, pull out a good book, and have a fantastic weekend!

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