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Friday Favorites {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

A new installment of some favorites for this Friday the 13th!

1.  Jack Johnson.  He’s one of my favorite singers and I love that he’s so well loved.  I mean, I’ve never heard anyone say they don’t like him.  His To the Sea album is on constant repeat in my car, because it’s the top request of my 4-year-old.  It’s a nice change-up from the Disney songs that were in top demand last month!

2.  Satsumas.  They’re small, sweet, adorable, and delicious!  Pretty much the same as a mandarin orange or clementine, but there’s just something about them that gives them a little something extra.  I love that I can get them at our farmer’s market with the leaves still attached.  They look so delightful on my table!

A delicious looking bowl of satsuma oranges.

3.  Toothbrushes.  Okay, I don’t mean a regular old toothbrush is one of my favorite things (although I do love when I come home from the dentist with a new one!), I love these super hero spinning kids toothbrushes.  My older son has Captain America and my younger has Spiderman.  They are awesome for two reasons:  1) my kids are excited to brush, every night (and they’ve had them a solid 3 months already) and 2) their teeth get far cleaner with these than with a traditional toothbrush.  I guess a third reason to love them is that they are pretty inexpensive, on the order of $4 each.

4.  The sound of a crashing wave.  I don’t know that I could ever grow tired of a beach sunset.  It’s such a peaceful and vibrant visual, but the crashing waves make a great audio track.  Something about the repetitive sound, with the occasional surprise of an extra loud splash. . . it’s just hard to beat!

A large wave crashes at sunset on the beach.

That’s all for today, but happy weekend and happy Friday the 13th!

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