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52 in 2012: Week 9 {spirit}

Another tough week for me! I’ve decided that, in theory, I like the idea of a theme for each week. In practice, not so much. I was intending this project would become a good journal of 2012 for my family. But I’ve found that by having a theme, I’m sometimes pushed to produce an image that doesn’t really have anything to do with what we did that week. But I guess that’s good. I can’t realistically cram 7 full days of happenings into 1 image. I just need to widen my expectation of this project. It doesn’t have to be the perfect synopsis of our week. And discomfort can be good — it means that if I persevere, I’ll learn something and grow in the process.

This week is {spirit} and after coming up empty-handed all week, the lightbulb clicked late this afternoon when my 2-year-old ran into the family room with swim goggles on and said, “C’mon, Mommy, let’s go in the sprinklers!”  Who could argue when the temperature was 80-degrees here in SoCal, so the kiddie pool and sprinklers came out!  At that very moment I decided that my interpretation of {spirit} was going to be {spirited} otherwise known as {spunk}.  This boy had plenty of whatever we’re calling it to go around!

Since I was going for {spunk} I grabbed my wide angle 16-35mm lens.  It’s the newest addition to my arsenal of lenses and it’s been fun to play with.  The distortion is a lot different than how I usually shoot, but at times, I’ve come to love it.  Just like today.

And, since I’m going way out there with my loose interpretation of the theme, and my crazy lens, I figure I’ll get even wilder and post 3 pictures for this week.  I might as well really go for it, eh?;-)  So, here it is, my 2-year-old, full of {spirit}!

As always, you can follow along with several other talented photographers in the Photo-a-week project for 2012. Here’s here’s the list!
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tracey - March 7, 2012 - 12:52 pm

How did I miss this post!!? Sorry! First off, I really really love wide angle shots. I love that first one and I stared at it for awhile. I think bc wide angle add a bit of dimension to a photo and I like that.
I think your goggle photos capture a wonderful spirit of fun and adventure that kids have! So for that, your take on the week’s theme was perfect!

Heidi - March 9, 2012 - 2:12 am

This is a great take – I don’t know how I missed this post either.

I agree with you – I thought this challenge would be a good way to have at least 1 post each week for our family blog, but most of these themes have been my thoughts and feelings and not much to do with our family happenings – but I guess that’s good too!

Rhonda - March 9, 2012 - 8:27 am

oh man those are so cute!!!!!

stacey - March 9, 2012 - 9:41 am

I adore that first photo!!! Adore it!!!

I love how we all had different yet perfect takes on “spirit”. Beautiful job.

Amanda - March 21, 2012 - 8:14 pm

There is no words for the cutess of this post. Great job capturing spirit!

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