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Matilda Jane {Los Angeles Photographer}

Once again, I had the fun opportunity to photograph an outfit from the Paint-by-Numbers Matilda Jane Clothing collection!

My sweet-as-can-be and cute-as-a-button model had a blast playing and posing at the park in the Turtle Dove Knot Top over the Stippling Tee and Gallery Leggings.  The bright and rich colors are a feast for the eyes and were the first thing we noticed about the outfit.  Then we noticed the softness of the tee and leggings — super comfy for a day of school or playing at the park, but with so much style, your girl will make a statement anywhere!

While the clothing fits very true-to-size and is perfect as-is, I’d suggest getting the Gallery Leggings a couple sizes big for maximum versatility.  The leggings are perfect in their cropped length, but would be darling as ankle-length pants.  Buying a slightly larger size lets your daughter wear them as pants and then grow into them as cropped leggings a few years later.  The Turtle Dove Knot Top is brilliant in design, letting you get a custom fit with the adjustable shoulder straps.  Super cute as a top, and would even make a sweet dress in a larger size, that can be adjusted with the shoulder straps and tie back.

Any way you size it, we give Matilda Jane Clothing two big thumbs up!

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A New Addition {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

I had an absolutely amazing time with this family at their home a few weeks ago.  They recently welcomed their third boy to the family and wanted to document all the love and excitement of these days.

With two big brothers (who really aren’t all that big yet, themselves), I knew I was in for a bit of wild time.  But when this was literally the first image I took, I knew there was also magic in that wild!

Such a handsome trio of boys!

Who also happen to be sweet, kind, funny and loving, too. . .

I think it’s safe to say that this handsome new addition has landed in one pretty amazing family!

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Black & White & Red & Awwwww {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

I absolutely adore the color combo mom picked for her family for this session — the pops of red are fabulous!

The subjects wearing these great colors are pretty fabulous, themselves!

I dare you to peek at this next image and not let out an “awwwwwwww”!

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She was runnnnnning! {Los Angeles Family Photographer}

This session flew by like a speeding bullet, a 2-year-old chock-full-of-energy bullet, that is!  This little miss started with a sweet hug on mama’s leg and then she was off!

And didn’t stop moving until our session was over and she was corralled to her car!

Thank goodness I had my fast lens and my camera set to burst mode!

I had the honor of photographing this family last fall and that session was such a contrast to this one. . . last year she was just starting to toddle around, looking adorable as she was slowly testing out her legs.  This year, I think I saw a glimpse of a contender for the 2032 Olympic Track Team!  Just as adorable as ever, but now set on hyper-drive!:-)


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A laughing good time on the beach! {L.A. Family Beach Photographer}

My last mini-session of the morning was this gorgeous crew!

They were literally all smiles for the entire session!  Which may, or may not, have had anything to do with a certain father doing crazy dances or something behind me.

I kinda wish I had eyes behind my head, but the view through my lens was pretty darn awesome, so I wasn’t too concerned with what was going on behind me.

And maybe it wasn’t all dad bringing those smiles out, cause I got some pretty darn awesome ones when all subjects were in front of the camera, too!

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