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Back to the Schoolhouse {Bozeman Child Photographer}

I had a great time doing photos at another local preschool last week.  Preschoolers might just be my favorite age group–but only if I can get them one-on-one.  Luckily, that’s just what I did!  Here’s a small sampling of these adorable little tykes.  The sweet grins, precocious smiles, and serious three/four/five-year old stares. . . I think you’ll see why they’re in the running for being my favorites!

An entire school full of cuteness is just too much to handle all at once, so I’ll be parceling it out little-by-little all week.  Check back for more tomorrow!

Erin Hilterman - February 7, 2010 - 3:19 pm

amy, you’re doing such a great job!

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3! {Bozeman Child Photographer}

From time to time, my own children find their way onto my business blog.  This is one of those times.  For this boy, however, sightings around here will be rare.  He’s very-soon-to-be-3 and he is not the biggest fan of my camera.  Since it’s been in his face from the time he was born, I can’t say I necessarily blame him.  If he understood the frustration his photographer mother feels at only being able to capture snapshots of him, though, he’d be a little more cooperative.  I have resigned myself to only put him through a true photo shoot once a year, in January–the month of his birth.

With lots of smooth talking (and lots of candy bribes) I actually pulled off 3-year photo shoot that I love.  I dare say he even had fun during the hour we spent in his room!

So, I bring you my first-born, in honor of his birthday this weekend. . .

He got this bear when he was born, and I took his photo with it monthly to document his growth for the first 18 months of his life.  Since then, I save it for his annual birthday photo shoots.

Not to exclude the rest of his posse of stuffed friends, they joined him on the bed next.

(yes, that is a sticker on his cheek!)

I knew that I had to include his book collection in the photo shoot. . . he’s loved them since he was just a tiny babe and they are still such a big part of his daily life.

Before I put the camera away, he climbed back onto his bed.  No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

So, there’s my boy in all his serious, sweet, silly, happy, mischievous, and playful moods.  All run through in less than 60 minutes.  Sounds about right for a 3-year-old!

becca~TimeWellSpent - January 31, 2010 - 8:18 am

what a little cutie! My little man brings out the silliest faces when he sees the camera.
love the bedspread in his room and also his books. we’re a book family too:)

Susie - January 31, 2010 - 6:37 pm


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Best-dressed Baby Girl {Bozeman Baby Photographer}

In the spirit of Hollywood awards season (the Golden Globes, the Oscars), this sweet little six-month-old is going to be making all of the “best-dressed” lists.   After photographing her as a newborn, I was so happy to go back with my camera to capture her at one of my favorite ages!  We started out with her designer diaper. . .

We moved onto the next winning ensemble. . . Mom pulled out some of her saris.  I’ve never seen such a beautiful bag of fabric before!  We decided on the rich, jewel-like purple- and-gold one, which Hannah seemed to think was a good choice.

Then, we traded out the richly colored Indian fabric for some rich French fabric–a Chanel dress.

And watch out, Dad, she’s already into her shoes!

Next up:  beaded organza and bows!

Okay, she had had enough of her photo shoot and fabulous outfits!  Only one person could make things right and bring the smile back. . .

The babes always save their best smiles for mama!

P.C. - January 22, 2010 - 9:01 pm

Oh, wow, you are super talented and your subject is so adorable. I love crying baby shots–those are fun memories too (and cute)!

[...] baby fix today (oh, you know you can’t resist!) check out more from this photo session back here.  [...]

[...] day old, posing a few days later for a newborn session, and again showing off her sitting skills at 6-months-old.  Now, a full-fledged toddler she’s as beautiful as [...]

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Sweet girls {Bozeman Child Photographer}

I was very excited when this Mom called me last week to schedule a photo shoot for her daughters.  Not only do Mom and I share the same first name, our children are almost identical in age.  The only catch is that rather than 2 blue-eyed little boys, she has 2 blue-eyed little girls.

Big sister was quite the little model, happily posing for my camera and showing little sister how it’s done!

I think she would have smiled for me all afternoon, but her dear–equally adorable–baby sister deserved some of my attention, too.  She was a little slower to warm up to the camera, but I know the super power Mama’s have over their own babes of this age.  A few minutes in her arms did the trick to bring out the smiles!

While she was happy, we stripped her down to her diaper and the smiles kept coming.

Mom dressed her up again and we headed to big sister’s bed for a few more photos.

I typically like my photos to have crisp, true colors.  And I do love a good black-and-white.  But every now and then a photo will just scream for a little something different.  That’s when I go vintage.  This was one of those times. . .

I’ll finish off this preview with a good “sisters” shot.  These two really were quite the sweethearts!

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It's a good thing. . . {Bozeman Child Photographer}

. . . she has 3 older brothers!

I think Dad is going to appreciate their help fending off the boys once she reaches high school!

They certainly each have a special bond with their little sister.

They suggested doing a dog pile, which I thought was a great idea.  The only argument was who had to be on the bottom!  Oldest brother lost out and dutifully let his little sibs pile on.

Not only do the boys have a sweet spot for their sister, they think Mom is pretty special, too.

And here’s one final, parting shot of Mom with all four of her sweethearts:

She wanted to get some photos to surprise Dad for his birthday next month.  Hopefully you can keep these under wraps ’til then!

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Megan - January 6, 2010 - 12:18 pm

Those are gorgeous kids. I bet the baby girl rules the roost! Beautiful pictures, Amy!

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