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More of the wonderland {Bozeman Family & Child Photographer}

This family has 3 handsome boys who managed to fit our little photo shoot in between football and basketball practices and games.  I only have 2 boys, but I saw a glimpse of how I’ll being spending my weekends in a few years. :-)  They were just coming off a big win, and I think that reflected in their smiles!

Here’s Mom with her 3 handsome boys.  This is the second family of 3 boys I’ve photographed and I’ve left both shoots thinking, “how fun to have 3 boys. . . maybe we should have another baby!”

We invited Dad back in for some more family photos. . .

Then, we really started having fun!

The boys even ganged up on Dad (okay, in all honesty, I coaxed them into it)!

We had to end the session on a sweet note, though!

Thanks for braving the cold and squeezing me in between all of your athletic endeavors!

erin - November 22, 2009 - 6:51 am

Love the outfits mom chose…they look gorgeous!

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In a winter wonderland {Bozeman Family & Child Photographer}

I met up with this fun family over the weekend to do some photos at Lindley Park.  We had a gloriously sunny afternoon and combined with the  piles of snow still on the ground from the dumping we had late last week, it was a great setting for some beautiful photos.

When booking their session, Mom told me that they had a dog and a new puppy that they wanted to include in the photos.  I was a bit nervous. . . getting kids and animals, especially a puppy, to cooperate could have been quite the challenge.  But the kids and the dogs were great!

Brother and sister were so sweet. . . we were all impressed when he announced that he actually wanted to cozy up with his big sis to pose for me!

Since we knew it would be a chilly afternoon, the plan was to take jackets off for a few minutes, snap some photos, put them on to warm up again and change location, take them off for a few more pictures, and on and on.  They looked so cute and coordinated in their outer wear, though, that we nearly forgot to get any without the coats on.  Mom commented to me that she had picked their shirts and sweaters to match the colors in their house (very smart, Mama!) so their pictures will fit right in with the decor.  I’m glad we did ditch the coats for a few minutes and I hope that they’ll decide one of these looks great nicely displayed in their family room!

Thanks for braving the cold on a beautiful afternoon!

Susie - November 19, 2009 - 6:34 am

Oh, Amy! I love, love the snowy backdrop- what beautiful images :) Best wishes in your new venture :)

erin - November 22, 2009 - 6:50 am

What a beautiful family! And luck to have such a fantastic photographer. =)

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School is in Session! {Bozeman Child Photographer}

I had the privilege of taking photos at my son’s preschool a few weeks ago and I’ve never seen a cuter bunch of 3 to 5 year olds!  I’d love to show you all 150+ photos I took, but with great difficulty I pared it down to a more manageable set of my favorites.

IMG_0624 4x6 rs

Bozeman preschool photo session

IMG_0651 4x6 rs
IMG_0653 4x6 rs

IMG_0728 4x6 rs

IMG_0785 4x6 rs
IMG_0771 4x6 rs

IMG_0813 4x6 rs

IMG_0839 4x6 rs

IMG_0844 4x6 rs

IMG_0854 4x6rs

IMG_0863 4x6 rs

IMG_0954 4x6 rs

IMG_0984 4x6 rs
IMG_0972 4x6 rs

IMG_1017 4x6 rs

IMG_2125 4x6 rs
IMG_2126 rs

IMG_2972 4x6 rs
IMG_2953 4x6 rs

IMG_0596 4x6 rs

B5 4x6 rs

H 4 4x6 rs
H6 4x6 rs

A2 4x6 rs

A3 4x6 rs

IMG_1197 4x6 rs
IMG_1216 4x6 rs

IMG_1173 4x6 rs

IMG_1228 4x6 rs

IMG_1242 4x6 rs

IMG_1282 4x6 rs
O 1 4x6 rs

J6 4x6 rs
J5 4x6 rs

IMG_1330 4x6 rs

R4 4x6 rs
IMG_1318 4x6 rs

Q3 4x6 rs

Q2 4x6 rs

“A” may be for “apple” but in this classroom I think “absolutely adorable” is more appropriate!

Heather - November 18, 2009 - 7:37 am

Wow, I wish my school could hire someone like you to take photos!! You are very very talented, Amy!! Congrats on the gig and all the business it is drumming up!!! Wishing you and your family well!! Miss you all!

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Buddies {Bozeman Family Photographer}

This weekend, I got to photograph some good friends on what was probably the last nice day of fall Bozeman is likely to have. They live caddy-corner behind us and their little guy is exactly 2 weeks older than mine. The boys are pretty good buddies and we love hanging out with Mom and Dad just as much!

IMG_2559 edit2 rs

A fall photo shoot just isn’t complete without playing in the leaves!
IMG_2870 edit 4x6 rs
It was very enlightening for me to photograph a 2 1/2 year old that is not related to me. My own son definitely has an extreme case of photographer’s child syndrome–he rarely makes eye contact with the camera and even less frequently gives me a smile. This day, I discovered that some of his camera aversion might just be age-related. I eeked a few smiles out of his buddy, but it didn’t take long for him to grow tired of my camera, too. Luckily, Mom and Dad got him smiling again!
IMG_2603 edit 4x6 rs

IMG_2604 edit 4x6 rs



IMG_2600 edit 4x6 rs

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3 Boys + Mom + Dad {Bozeman Family Photographer}

Just a few more of this fine family to share with you. They’re quite a handsome bunch, aren’t they?

3  4x6 rs

While we were taking some pictures in the open grass, the oldest two boys spotted this amazing tree and took off running. Mom, Dad, littlest brother, and I trekked over and upon closer inspection, realized it was a great perch for the whole family!

6  4x6 rs
There’s just something about the bond of brothers and I was so happy to capture this:

33  4x6 r

And to get a nice shot of Mom with her boys. . .

21 B&W 4X6 rs

I’ll finish this preview with one more of the entire, sweet family together!
17 4x6 rs
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