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10 on 10, or 10 on 13? {L.A. Family Photographer}

In addition to my “52 in 2012″ I jumped into another photo project for this year called “10 on 10.”  I started it with a fantastically talented group of women photographers I know from my participation in 4 the love of focus.  Basically, 10 photographers are going to post 10 images on the 10th of every month and we’re going to link up to each other.  An added stipulation for me is that all 10 of those images must have been taken on the same day.  It’s a very personal project, which I’m viewing as a sort of “day in my life” kind of thing.

We were a little late getting organized for a post on January 10th, so I ended up taking all of my images on January 11th.  We agreed that February 10th will be our first official posting (with links to the other group members’ images), but I’m a stickler for order.  And I can’t imagine letting 1 of 12 months sit empty.  While I’m a stickler for order, I’m not necessarily a stickler for the rules.  So for my first month, I’m slightly bending the rules.  I’m posting 10 (and actually technically, it’s 11) images on the 13th.

For February I’ll play by the rules, linking you up and posting on the 10th.  But, for now, this will just have to do!

1.  Picking out the breakfast dishes.  He insists on very specific cups and a very specific plate and he insists on getting them himself.

2.  He is master of silliness in this household!  While his older brother still sleeps, Benjamin eats breakfast at the bar chatting and making silly faces at me.

3.  The downside of having a smaller house is that I share the same bathtub as the kids.  This means my morning shower is shared with a pile of toys.

4.  Maggie dog, just chilling on her bed.  She’s an old lady dog (12 years old!) so she spends lots of time just chilling on her bed.

5.  She also has a love of bread.  I took my older son to preschool and came back 10 minutes later to find that Maggie had pulled a loaf of bread off the counter and helped herself.  It’s especially sad because this is my favorite bread!  Bad dog!

6.  We’re still adjusting to the flora and fauna of our new state.  For the last 7 years, mid-January means a landscape of snowy white.  Now we get treated to rare and beautiful blooms of color.  This is some crazy looking plant in our yard that burst forth with these pretty blossoms right before Christmas.

7.  Daddy’s home!

8.  After dinner dishes.  Yuk.  My least favorite household chore.  Thankfully, my husband is a wonderful dish washer and does them most nights!

9.  Kitty sighting!  This is Oscar.  He spends 90% of his day in a box under my bed.  The other 10% is spent on top of my bed.  I happened to catch him there and stopped over for a close up!

10.  Tucking my kids into bed at night is one of my favorite parts of the day.  While it is nice to have some peace and quiet in the evenings to work or spend with my hubby, I really love bedtime for the sweet snuggles, stories, and kisses.  I have sung “You are my Sunshine” to my oldest son, Hayden, since he came home from the hospital.  He’s almost 5 and I love that he still snuggles up with his Bubby and lets me sing his song before flipping out the light and saying goodnight.

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Melissa VanLeeuwen - January 15, 2012 - 12:49 pm

Thanks for sharing Amy! Love your 10 on 13…… can’t wait to start mine next month;)

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